Blogging is a porthole to the unconscious genius.  We learn through actions and experiences.  We learn by taking chances  and by putting ourselves in positions to be vulnerable.  My blog is an exercise. It’s about learning how to tap into the”stream of consciousness” that, I’m told,  makes the best kind of writer.    I am my own worst critic and my best (or worst) self-editor.   I will often write a sentence and go back and delete it, telling myself it is silly, or not good enough.

The blogging is my “no-editing” exercise.  It’s about teaching and training myself to just WRITE and to not think, edit, or criticize.  We all know too well that there is always a plethora of critics who are only too willing to correct, adjust or dispute.     I don’t profess to be the “best” writer, or even a “good” one.    Put most simply, I want to write and work on improving.  I want to learn and experience the literary world from a different perspective. When I think of my future, I see writing.   At this stage, I have no idea what “genre” that might be, but quite frankly, and to no surprise to those who know me well, I vehemently object to having to classify my writing at all!

Writing, for me, is about self-expression.   It is a way to organize the loud and occasionally obnoxious thought-noise in my brain.   It is how I sort through the feelings, emotions and instincts that otherwise would be cloudy and overshadowed by the to do lists, day to day drama and the chaos that is daily life.

A while ago, a dear friend asked me to join her at a soul collage.   I had absolutely no idea what to expect from the experience, but standing by my personal commitment to always remain open to new experiences, I agreed to attend.       What the heck is a “soul collage”?  I was sure I was out of my comfort zone with this venture and was soon proven correct.

The day went something like this.  A group of us congregated in a room with stacks of magazines and books, far too numerous to count.   We were asked to browse through the magazines and when a photograph we encountered gave us reason to pause, we were to rip it out and continue the process.  We were asked to try not to think , just rip.   After a few hours of nothing much but the noise of a dozen women ripping magazines, we were then asked to group the pictures we had selected into relevant stacks, without giving thought to the significance for their grouping.

The final stage of the exercise was to select one of the groupings and create a 4×6 card collage of select images from that pile.     Once completed, we were to look and concentrate on the finished card and complete the phrase,  “I am the one who……” Staring at the card, the answer was to be the first to mind, with no analysis or over-thinking. .  We were to continue repeating the same phrase and filling in the blank, staring at the card, until answers no longer came to mind.     At that point, the card was set aside and we were given a moment to absorb our answers and ponder their significance.

Okay, so the whole thing sounds bizarre as I type, but quite frankly, it was interesting if not a bit unnerving.  Thoughts and ideas were uncovered through the process that were true, but had been suppressed and up to that point, we had been unable to identify or put into words.

The experience made me wonder how, as we get older, our basic thoughts and feelings get buried, complicated and tangled into other emotions that prevent their true expression and understanding.  We misconstrue one emotion for another. We have learned to ignore our gut instinct and act logically.    The irony is that our thoughts are untrustworthy. Thoughts are influenced by environment, emotion, stress, and our state of well-being.  Our thoughts are fickle and complicated.   Only our gut instinct, unhindered by our brain,  can be trusted to steer us in the right direction.

Ironically, many of us have learned not to trust our instincts.  We have let our fickle brain override intuition, our most honest, unedited guide.   We instinctively know more that we give ourselves credit for.  Perhaps because we have listened to external voices more often that our own internal ones.

We need to relearn all of the instinctual, intuitive signals we all possess.  We need to rediscover our true selves all over again.  We need to pay attention to our gut instincts guiding us to things that make us happy and bring us peace.   We need to trust in ourselves, believe in who we are and listen to the inner voice that knows us better than anyone has ever or will ever know.   Happiness is just that far away…. if we just relax, open up, and focus on the uncommon sense.

Until next time, my friends, thank you for letting me share my thoughts with you.

4 thoughts on “Rediscovering Reality

  1. I am sure we didn’t call it a soul collage, but we did this exercise in a class in high school. I found it interesting them, I am sure it would be more interesting now. Looking forward to more of you writing.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. yes, I definitely know 😉 I always feel excitement and awe that somebody uses minutes of their life to read my thoughts and respond. It is quite humbling, isn’t it?


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